Arlene J.


Founder & CEO of Equity Inquiry Project Inc.


Dr. Arlene Ford is a thought leader and change agent.


She works with organizations (corporate, non-profit, educational), and their leaders to build capacity around equity and inclusion. She supports building organizational culture - including managing organizational change and effective communication in multicultural organizations. Through the Equity Inquiry Project, she supports the development and growth of critical thinking and consciousness around the systemic issues in work arenas. Her work includes facilitating transformative learning, dialogue and reflection of leaders and their teams. 

Dr. Ford speaks to a variety of institutions on issues of equity, inclusion and diversity.

Our mission is to develop the courageous capacity of leaders and their teams to deepen their compassionate understanding of inequality and build their equity capacity through learning and reflection, voice and practice.

What is the Equity Inquiry Project Inc. (EquIP)?

How do we increase equity capacity? 

START with a courageous & compassionate mindset

LEARN to deepen understanding of systemic inequality

REFLECT upon one's role and potential for impact

VOICE speak up to be heard and listen to hear the issues

TAKE ACTION compassionately to address systemic issues